Dmx explains how he sold his soul to the Devil and why he did it

Post 02 July 2012 By David In Shurt King Blog

FROM THE SONG "LET ME FLY". In this song, DMX explains that he sold his soul to the devil and exactly why he did it etc.
"I sold my soul to the devil, and the price was cheap. A yo it's cold on this level cause it's twice as deep. But you don't hear me, ignorance is blisning and so on Sometimes it's better to be taught dumb. Shall I go on. You don't want no real, what the deal is a mystery. How is it I can live and make history If you don't see it then it, wasn't ment for you to see
If you wasn't born wit' it then, it wasn't ment for you to be But you can't blame me for not wantin' to be hound lock down in a cell wit' a soul gettin' dwelled This is hell, go get the devil and get me the key but can't be worst than the curse that was given ta me It's what I live for, you take away that and I'm gone "
Apparently, it turns out Satan was not happy that Heavy Metal was not reaching Black people. So he created that Hip Hop to reach 'brothers' and cross all kinds of ethnic & cultural barriers.

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